Life Like Luster

by Half Zaftig

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The first full-length album by Seattle rock trio Half Zaftig, led by singer-songwriter Shawn "Yogi" Farley. Farley's previous solo albums released under the name Yogi include "Any Raw Flesh?" and "Salve" (and can be found at Bandcamp at

Band members:
Shawn Farley: Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Lizzy Daymont: Bass, guitars, vocals
Pete Johnston: Drums, Rhodes, vocals

The full-album download includes a Quicktime copy of the video for the song "Handbasket."


released September 27, 2007

Produced by Shawn Farley.
Co-produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Darin Di Pietro.
Art by Anders Nyberg.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Half Zaftig Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Our Guarantee
Good morning, or is it evening
We hope you like our humble offering
Seems like we started years and years ago
Now Lizzy, Pete, and me we're ready to step back
and let the album go

So here's our guarantee...
(Like Birdy draining threes or LJ in the paint)
Our guarantee...
(And Lizzy wondered so Pete showed her where the taint was)

We prob'ly should've finished long ago (we're so slow...)
But now's no time for excuses lists or other tales of woe (slow pokes, yeah)
We took our time that's true, but now there's songs to play for you
We hope they make your neighbors wonder what the hell you're list'ning to

So here's our guarantee...
(And Steve Albini might not dig the toms on track three)
Our guarantee...
(And there's no use for squirrel fur that will still shock me)

You may or may not see sublime in all
Nor will your moldy soles save you from Hellhounds ten feet tall
But whatever you find along your way
We're so grateful that you made today a Life Like Luster day
Track Name: A Kick In The Shin
Suspended sentences hang in the air
Pushy passengers with too much to share
Confused resentments reflect off the wall
A sheen of desperation glist'ning on them all

Why, oh why?
I know why

Got your blinders on, now head out
Don't look at no one, stare at the ground
It wasn't my fault (I didn't do it)
No one here can blame me
Ain't life a kick in the shin

Harried looks and stolen glances are sent me
Crestfallen eyes ogle my life of plenty
I know you'd like me with you in the mire
Alas, my plans are something else entirely

The way out is to own up (I am to blame)

There was nothing I could say
(Don't blame me)
There was nothing I could do
Track Name: Fair Use
Boy King, perched on his throne
I spy something don't belong
One of these things is not like the others
Another battle won, I'm afraid you've run out of ways
To make yourself look like the underdog

Strident howls of indignation, you cry "Discrimination!"
I wonder if you even know what that is
A ploy so calculated, misunderestimated you
The undisputed King of cynical spin

I know what is moral and I know what is right
And I know how to save us by exploiting our might
All you beautiful dreamers with your peace and your love
I don't want to hear it, don't want to hear it
Don't even say fair use

OK, I'm cryin' "Uncle", looks like my will has buckled
You caught me unprepared for your vicious assault
Uh oh, was that a crumble? Did I just see you stumble?
I think you missed a spot and that's all I needed

Got a good look at the road ahead
Doesn't appear to be anyone left

Gonna get a lot worse 'fore it gets any better
Track Name: Sublimeinal
He's a captain, used to be he'd get your boat safe across the sea
Humiliations follow him
A fallen victim of his maritime whims
Who can know what he has seen?

He's got his bottle, he's got his smokes
Wanders at night, he hacks and chokes
Decked out in starshine

You'd better wait and see
What kind of tricks I've up my sleeve
Did you think the answers would come easy
'Cause now it's getting good
You've been more reckless than you should
It's time to throw it away

You freak, you see Sublimeinal

She was a teacher 'fore she lost face
Kept all her secrets in a hidden place
Then one Friday, it all went wrong
The boy's dad pressed charges when she wouldn't play along
Who can know what she has seen?

It never ends

You freak, you see Sublimeinal

You think you suffer, I might agree
Overreacted a time or three
I can't be silent, not anymore
My lame excuses tired and worn
Look all around you, terrible waste
And what distracts you, a pretty face
So time to buck up, begin today
Take what you know and throw it away
Track Name: Inscrutable You
Stretching chains and thumbscrews
All these things I've felt you use
And despite all that, you remain inscrutable you

Day after day I try to greet you
But you never speak, even when spoken to
And as bad as it gets, you remain inscrutable you

I keep lookin' for a crack in your armor
Just something to convince me you feel
You do, don't you?

I'm high on the horse, weights on my shoes
And as much as it hurts, you don't look enthused
You're good at what you do, and
You remain inscrutable you

I'm still searching for a shred of compassion
Just a hint of some humanity
You're somebody's daughter, too

I'm only in'trested in one thing
That's to obey the one who wants your ass in a sling
So don't look at me 'specting sympathy
'Cause it's what you've done that's brought you here
To inscrutable me

I'm resigned to my fate, I'll be here a while
It'd be so much easier if you'd just crack a smile
'Cause the pain is much worse
While you remain inscrutable you
Track Name: Numbered Days
Come inside, think there's room for you
Been so long, can't remember
Rest your head, see that someone cares
That won't change tomorrow
Fear inside, you're afraid to be
Cut your ties to all you feel
Blind my eyes, I can't bear to see
My hand in sight, but not taken

And I could say you're wrong
My words their meanings all are broken underfoot
And all the things I ever told you came to nothing

Pass me by, do it once again
I fall apart in my anger
Blackened skies, something's dead in me
And I just don't give a damn anymore

And I could bring you down
Destroy your shelter, all that you hold dear
And all the things you've ever done amount to nothing

If one day you lose your will to live
Remember you once had found it
Believe in your empty phantom world
And know that your days are numbered
If ever you find yourself alone
Remember who put you there
So live in your empty phantom world
And know that your days are numbered

And in the end, it's I who's wrong
By weakness blinded time and time again
I've got to find it in myself to understand you
Track Name: Mold On My Soles
Don't really feel like moving
Good thing I like the view
And now you seem frustrated
What is that look from you?
You know I'm far too busy
To try and find my muse

I woke up with a purpose
But it was gone by mid-day
I woke up with a purpose
But I forgot what it was by mid-day, gone away
(It's on the tip of my tongue)

Feeling less than useful
Hang on, I'll be right there
I'll get it all together
Check out my "To Do" list
Wait, just one more commercial
Another dollar gone

Even I know I gotta air the mold on my soles

Gotta air the mold on my soles
Gotta make a choice and let go
Gotta air the mold on my soles
Time to make a choice and let it go

Toby, I'm sorry
I never knew your private hell
Calendar is looming
There's nothing new upon the shelf
Blame it on inertia
But pages won't un-blank themselves
Rooted to the spot, next to everything I've done so well

Gotta air the mold on my soles
Gotta make a choice and let go
Track Name: 10 PRINT
It's another late night at the Sebum-Lebum store
Weird Eddie at the counter, he looks a little bored
Lights are kinda bright, so much they hurt my eyes
But I won't wear my sunglasses at night
Maybe they do in... Canada (Take off, eh)
You know - the Northern Lights

Even though it's late, there's plenty here to help you wake
At least 10,000 types of caffeine for goodness sake
And Eddie must be blind to not be suitably entranced
By racks and racks of cover models oh-so-pleasingly enhanced
"Men's Interest" - maybe Eddie ain't that kind of guy?

There you are! RUN AWAY!

Oh, the thunder it smells
In fact it stinks and you know it
10 PRINT "Why are there so many songs like this?"
Oh, I guess you'd better be off
Outrunning demons again
10 PRINT "Why are there so many songs like this?"

I don't want no LITTLE cup
I brought a freakin' STEIN
Once it's loaded up with java
I know Salvation's mine
I hadn't figured Eddie - sure, he's a piece of work
But I shoulda paid attention to the subtext in his smirk
"You sold me out, man."

We found you AGAIN! RUN AWAY!

I tried to tell you dear
But you wouldn't believe me
I guess I can't blame you
But when I told you dear
That the Hounds of Hell were on my trail
I meant it lit'rally
Track Name: Handbasket
The sun is setting
So I'll be getting inside
Block the door with something heavy and wide
What, me worry?
Safe behind my closed blinds
Fifteen stories above your kind

That's fine - we're happy, persuaded
How were we supposed to know?
We don't want to think about tomorrow
We're happy, elated
How were we supposed to know?
Don't ask me to think about tomorrow

Who are you kidding?
That can't happen here
There's no setback, that's a turn of the tide
Get with the program
Keep your statements in line
We can't function if the illusion's undermined

I'm afraid to think about tomorrow

One by one we're waking up
With eyes-a-blearing, Storm has struck
Dug a hole behind the shed
Guess that's where I'll lay my head
(It don't feel right)

Plan your foolproof getaway
Await some new disaster
'Cause understanding's far away
Do good intentions matter?
No better time to get away
Make yourself a place
Right in this here handbasket

Go along to get along
Track Name: Right Outside
You've been walking very far, but you can't get any nearer
And everything is looking like it should
You've been living here so long
But your thoughts they get no clearer
Did you really ever think that they would?

How many days will you stand before the mirror
Before you are sure that it's you?
And how many ways will you tell yourself you're no good
Hey, I could've told you that too

I'm right outside, can I come in?

You're sitting in a high chair, but your heart is dropping lower
Is that the way you want to begin?
Your face is getting warmer, and your hands are growing colder
When opportunity knocks, let it in

I'm right outside, can I come in?

Here I am, I know you know me
So don't turn away
Who are you, you once told me
Can I stay?

I'm right outside